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Online Classes
The devastating pandemic, COVID-19 has hurt the life of the children very badly keeping them out of the schools for a very long time. The schools have been left with no other choice but for the online classes with limited facilities available in rural set up. Sacred Heart School had to adopt a method that would be suitable for all the students coming from different economic backgrounds. Today with the innovative thinking adopted by the school the online classes are going on rather smoothly.
+ Every Class Teacher is in communication with the parents of each student which has made the online classes in the school a success as in such an effort the Teacher-Parent communication is very important
+ The manager too was periodically in communication with the students and the parents through letters.
+ Every subject teacher has learnt to be innovative to engage the children in their subjects. The teachers faced many challenges initially because of the technical know how of conducting online classes.
+ The online classes are going on very well beyond the expectation of the school

Online Exams
Students were given demo exams on Google Form to prepare them to take exam through Google Form. Once the students expressed their confidence, the school conducted online exam through Google Form giving them MCQs and almost 100% of the students participated in the exam. The next online exam is already planned and will be held before the Puja Vacation.

Online Competitions
The students participated in two of the CBSE conducted online competitions on various themes. Three students received online certificate from CBSE for the first completion and the results of the second completion is not yet available.

The school conducted too online competitions twice on the occasion of the Independence Day and the selected students were given online certificates while the original certificates will be given to them once the school reopens.

Teachers' Day Celebration
The teachers' came to the school in two groups on 4th and 5th September. The day was graced with a presentation by the Manager of the school on the salient features of the National Education Policy 2020, a prayer service, speeches and a family meal. It was a happy coming together and the teachers were extremely happy to have met their collogues after a long time.

Independence Day Celebration
The school, even within the lockdown, decided to celebrate the 74th Independence Day to mark our respect for the Motherland and our legendary heroes who gave their life for the Country. They gave their life that we live in a free country. Dr. Nayan Kr. Roy, a famous Homeopathy Doctor and the President of Lions Club, Dumka was the Chief Guest of the function. 50% of the teachers were permitted to participate in the ceremony. Dr. Nayan deliered a meaningful speech on the occasion to the delight of all.

Competition for Teachers
The teachers were given the 12 themes proposed by CBSE taken from the NEP for a creative expression of the theme through a video, or a drawing, or Info graphics: in the form of Power Point Presentation or Slides. The teachers came to school on 21st September in different times to present their theme in front of 3 judges. The best among the presentation on each theme is uploaded in the CBSE portal.

The themes are:
1. Early Childhood Care and Education: The Foundation of Learning
2. Foundational Literacy and Numeracy: An Urgent & Necessary Prerequisite to Learning
3. Curtailing Dropout Rates and Ensuring Universal Access to Education at All Levels
4. Curriculum and Pedagogy in Schools: Learning Should be Holistic, Integrated, Enjoyable and Engaging
5. Teachers and Teachers Education
6. Equitable and Inclusive Education: Learning for All
7. Efficient Resourcing and Effective Governance through School Complexes/Clusters
8. Standard Setting and Accreditation for School Education
9. Re-imagining Vocational Education
10. Adult Education
11. Promotion of Indian Languages, Arts and Culture
12. Online and Digital Education: Ensuring Equitable Use of Technology


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