Sacred Heart School, Dumka
Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi
Affiliation No.: 3430327

Staff Details

S.N.NameQualification/ Designation
1Sr. Aruna Mary ChinnabathiniM.A./B.Ed/ Principal
2Shashibala NagasyaB.A./B.Ed/ TGT
3Devashish BanerjeeB.Com(P.G.D.C.A.)/ TGT
4A.Benjamin FranklinM.Sc./ B.Ed/TGT
5Jyoti PaulB.A./ B.Ed/ TGT
6Gourav GhosalB.Sc./ B.Ed/TGT
7Ramakant SinghB.Tech (I.T.)/TGT
8Amarnath TiwariM.B.A; B.Com. /B.Ed/TGT
9Amit JhaM.A./ B.Ed/TGT
10Gloria BaraM.A./ B. Ed/TGT
11Nafeez ParwezB.Sc./ B.Ed/TGT
12Dipti KumariM.Sc./ B.Ed/TGT
13Elbina MurmuB.Sc./ B.Ed/TGT
14Martin Mohan HansdakB.A./ B.Ed/TGT
15Rashmi MishraM.C.A./ TGT
16Asoni KumariB.A./ B.Ed/ TGT
17Putul MandalB.Sc/ B.Ed/TGT
18Neelam HansdakM.A./ B.Ed /TGT
19Biplaw Kumar YadavM.A./ B.Ed/TGT
20Satya Shalini DubeyB.A./ B.Ed/TGT
21Jaya KumariM.A./B.Ed/TGT
22Indradip JhaB.Sc/B.Ed/TGT
23Leena Jacinta MurmuB.A./B.Ed/TGT
24Sunny Kumar SahB.A./B.Ed/PRT
25Jayantimala HembromB.Sc./ B.Ed/ PRT
26Sr. Premica XessB.A./ B.Ed /PRT
27Minu Olive MurmuB.A./B.Ed/PRT
28Elizabeth HansdakB.A. /D.El.ED/PRT
29Euphresia HembromB.A./ P.T.T.C/PRT
30Manisha P. HansdakI.A./ P.T.T.C/ PRT
31Minuka SorenI.Sc./ D.EL.Ed. /PRT
32Markus SorenB.Com ./ B.Ed/PRT
33Mitali SarkarB.A./ P.T.T.C./PRT
34Nancy KiskuB.A./ D.El.ED/PRT
35Kumar AonkonB.Sc./ B.Ed /PRT
36Shailendra Kumar SinghB.A. /B.Ed/PRT
37Vimal KumarB.A./ B.Ed/PRT
38Vishakha SinhaB.A. /B.Ed/PRT
39Devraj GhoshB.Sc./ B.Ed/PRT
40Lucky SinghB.A./ D.El.Ed/PRT
41Niroj Mukul MinjB.A./ D.EL.Ed; PRT
42Sweety Roseline MurmuB.Com / T.T.C/ PRT
43Karishma HansdakB.B.A./ D.EL.Ed/ PRT
44Anchala SorenI.Sc/ D.EL.Ed/PRT
45Selina HembromB.A./ B.Ed/PRT
46Christina HansdakI.Sc/D.EL.Ed/PRT
47Maria Stella MurmuB.A./B.Ed; D.P.C.S/PRT
48Asim HembromB.P.Ed/TGT/PTI
49Pricilla HansdakM.A./Counsellor
50Saraswati MishraM.Lib /Librarian
51Valentina UmdorB.A. B.Ed/ Special Educator


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