Sacred Heart School, Dumka
Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi
Affiliation No.: 3430327

Principles and Core Values

(a) "I have come so that they have life and have it to the full" (Bible: John 10:10)

(b) "Real education has to draw out the best from the boys and girls to be educated. This can never be done by packing ill-assorted and unwanted information into the heads of the students. It becomes a dead weight crushing all originality in them and turning them into mere automata". - Mahatma Gandhi (Harijan, 1 December 1933)

(c) "... education for life, education through life, and education throughout life" - Mahatma Gandhi

(d) "focuses on our total commitment to build a new and inclusive society in India through the provision of an education of quality and relevance to the marginalized sections of society, namely the Dalits, Tribals, and minority ethnic groups and thus expresses our solidarity and commitment to justice, equity and love for all" - All India Catholic Education Policy p.20

(e) "An education that thus forms the young to evolve as men and women of character, competence, conscience, compassion and commitment, who will then contribute to the evolution of a counter-culture to the present ruthlessly competitive model, by promoting collaboration and cooperation for the growth of all, in a climate of mutual trust and sharing; and to the shockingly corrupt society, by fostering uprightness in public life" - All India Catholic Education Policy p.25

(f) Holds the human person as the centre of the educational experience considering all the dimensions of the human person: physical, intellectual, cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, moral, ethical and spiritual.

(g) Love gifts life. The organizational hygiene is one of loving and caring; encouraging and supporting, indeed life gifting, in order to unlock the God given treasures imbedded in every child irrespective of differences. Discipline flows out of this compassionate relationship and concern.


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